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WPA-WPA2 WiFi Hacking With Mobile

A lot of you guys were asking me about wifi hacking application for android, I found an application which work perfectly in android and gives the result. 
WIBR+ is an advanced application for testing of security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks. This application is NOT FAKE, it really works and it will discover the weak password. WIBR+ supports queueing, custom dictionaries, bruteforce generator and advanced monitoring!
WIBR+ supports two types of attack
Dictionary attack – WIBR+ tries passwords from the predefined list one by one. if the password will not be found, it simply means that it was not in the dictionary. However, if the key is set to “12345678” or “password” it will be detected. WIBR+ supports importing of your own password lists, so you are not limited by pre-installed dictionaries!
Bruteforce attack – you can select alphabet, length of the password and the app will try all combinations of characters in the alphabet. Of course, this is complete madness because the number of combinations is growing exponentially with password length. Therefore WIBR+ supports custom alphabet and custom mask. If you know that the password is something like a hacker and two digits you can set the mask to hacker[x][x] and select the digits alphabet. The app will try all passwords like hacker00, hacker01 through hacker99!


I tried WIBR+ in two mobile one android 5 (root) and android 9(without root) when you open the app in the new version of android it will show you a pop up that this application is for the older version of android and I tried but I didn’t work in android 9 there could be two reason because of latest version of android or it’s not root because there is nothing written on the official page that this app required root. So you have tried this app and see if this work or not.

How to use WIBR+
Open the WIBR+ and you will and options add network click on it and it will display all the wifi in your range

Click on the wifi you want to hack and it will show you all the options to perform the attack Brute force attack where you can create a bruteforce attack policy or you can choose dictionary attack form the predefined dictionary or add the custom wordlist for this tutorial we will import a custom wordlist Click on the add custom dictionary option 
and select the dictionary from your local storage or sd card and it will display in the application with the name of the file make sure you check on the custom dictionary like in the image below and click on the add to the queue to start the attack
If the password is in the list it will show you that attack is successful so you have to create a strong password list to increase the chances because this attack is from a mobile it will take more time to crack the password so make sure password list doesn’t contain unnecessary words and try to reduce the password list 

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