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WiFi Hacking with Wifiphisher | Hacker

Brute Force and dictionary attack is a very popular way to hack a wifi network but it takes lots of time to crack the password if the password is too big and hard then there is no guarantee that the password will be cracked or how much time it will take to crack the password. Today I am going to show you another way to crack the password with Wifiphisher tool. Wifiphisher is an evil twin and phishing tool which create a fake access point of the network with the same name and when someone connects to the network it will ask for the wifi password.

Wifiphisher is not preinstalled in the Kali Linux so you have to install it manually with
                      ” apt-get install wifiphisher”

in your terminal and it will start installing it into your machine. When the installation process is complete type
                 “wifiphisher -aI wlan0 -nE”

it will show you all the wifi network near you. make sure you have wlan0, not nat network. now chose your target wifi number listed into the terminal and hit enter. now it will show you all the phishing technique you can choose to hack the password of the wifi.

Now choose the phishing attack you want to perform, once you choose the attack it will create a fake access point and when someone connects to the network it will ask for the wifi password and when he/she enter the password it will show you on your terminal.

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