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Nessus is a Vulnerability Assesment tool Which can find vulnerability from any website or server. According to the survey, Nessus is the number #1 vulnerability scanner tool. Nessus can find misconfiguration, vulnerability and, network default passwords. In the last three years, More than 100 zero-day vulnerability has been found and within 24 hours new plugins are released after the zero-day. Nessus is available for soo many platforms like Kali Linux, mac, windows, red hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Nessus is a paid service but its also available for free with some limited features. You can download the Nessus from here.

To Download the Nessus you need an activation code for that click on the get activation code once you click on it it will show you a paid and free option both. We are using the free one for that click on the registration and fill up your details 

When you fill up your details you will get the code on your email once you get the code you can download the Nessus, We are using Kali Linux so you can choose Debian version 32 bit or 64 bit according to your system once the download is completed open your terminal and change the directory where Nessus is downloaded Like Download directory and Install the Nessus from the downloaded package to do that type 

dpkg -i Downloaded Nessus filename 

Once it is done you have to start the Nessus service with 

service nessusd start 

Now you can run the Nessus tool but before that, you have to configure it for that open your browser and type the URL 


Now you have to create a user name with all the details and click on continue and paste the activation code which you got from the email now it will start downloading all the plugins.

The first look will look like this you can see the soo many options which can be used but the upgrade is for paid. click on any scan you want to perform and enter the target IP address and save it. It will start scanning the IP address for the vulnerability which you have chosen.

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