What Is Footprinting

Footprinting is the first step of hacking used by both ethical and black hat hackers. Footprinting refers to the process of collecting information about your target person or target network from any sources. with footprinting you can find number information about the target network which can help any cyber security expert to perform pentesting and access the target network.

There is no single method for footprinting. there are number of ways for footprinting. However the most important part is information. what information you can gather and how much these information is crucial to the target. it doesn’t method which method you use to obtain that information about the target end result is information and crucial information.

Types Of Footprinting
Footprinting can be categorized into Passive Footprinting and Active Footprinting.
  • Passive Footprinting
Passive Footprinting means when information is gather without direct interaction. Passive footprinting is mainly used when information gathering is private or should not be known by the target person. In compare to Active Footprinting Passive Footprinting is difficult. Passive Footprinting include information gather from Search Engine, Domains, Web Services, Social Networking Sites, Target Monitoring, Target Website Monitoring, Job Sites, Social Engineering etc.
  • Active Footprinting 

Active Footprinting involves gathering information about target through direct interaction with the target. In Active Footprinting target can recognize the the footprinting process and could be risky. Active Footprinting include information from Social Engineering, Emails, Spoofing, Public Information, Traceroute Analysis, Perfoming Whois Lookup,