What Is Cryptography [Cryptography #1]

This is the new series called Cryptography where I am going to explain it from basic to advance, what is cryptography is, Types of cryptography, different types of algorithms and other cryptography related topics.

What is Cryptography

Cryptography is a practice or method to hide or converting the plain and readable format of any text, message, document, video etc to cipher text (unreadable formate) using encryption key and different algorithms and sent it to the public or private network so no one can read it except the once who know the secret key to decrypt it into the plain and readable format.

Cipher is a word used in cryptography it means the method to encryption and decryption. Cipher text means an encrypted text which is used instead of unreadable text.

Explain Above Image

1) Two computers are there, computer A wants to share a file (text file) with computer B.
2) Computer A encrypts the document with a key and sends it to computer B.
3) Computer B receives the encrypted document.
4) Computer B uses the key to decrypt the document and read it.

With the help of encryption if a hacker captures the network packet and somehow manage to get the document it will be in encryption form and to decrypt it he needs the key. If he performs the Brute-force attack with the latest computing power still it can take a decade to decrypt it (depending on the algorithm used to encrypt the document).

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