Website Mirroring | Website Hacking #2

In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to gather information about a website with the help of whois and nslookup tool and websites. It’s always important to gather as much information as you can Because hacking depends on the footprinting the more information you gather it becomes easier for you to hack. Today I am going to show you how to gather more information from the website with the help of HTTtack Website Copier tool. HTTrack is Website mirroring tool which let you mirror the whole website and its pages to your system to let you analysis it which means you can download the whole website to your local directory which looks like the original website. HTTrack Can download the website with all the HTML, Images, plugins, files, videos, etc.

HTTrack Website Copier

You can use HTTrack Website Copier to any system whether a windows mac or Linux machine. It’s an open source application so you can download it free from here.  Once the installation process is completed the HTTrack will look like this

As shown in the screenshot above this is the first look of the HTTrack. After this click on the next button below to start the new project.

When you click on the next button it will look like this. first, you have to enter your project name and category it could be anything whatever you want. Now you can change the path where you want to save the mirror website. Click on the next button.

The next page will ask you to enter the website URL once you enter the URL click on the add URL.
Above you can see the action option from there you can choose what you want to do whether you want to download a whole website, want to update an existing website, etc.
In the next, option you can set the option like a proxy, exclude any link, types of files you want to download, etc. click next button and it will ask you to select any option like shut down when finished you can select according to you. and click the finish button now it will start mirroring the website for you. when it’s complete the mirroring you can check it from the folder which you have selected earlier. now you can check the whole website from your machine. it is important to check all the information and analysis it because there could be a coding error, plugins error or vulnerability which can help us to hack it or to perform any kind of attacks in future weather a social engineering attack or exploiting any vulnerability.
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