Top 5 Free Labs and website For Hacking Practice

Hacking is something you can’t learn it overnight you have to work hard and practice every day because hacking is all about practical you can’t learn it theoretically the more you practice more you learn and improve but when it comes to practice you need a system to perform attacks on it to improve yourself. you can create your own system or lab for practice on own computer with VMware but still, you can’t do everything on it for some attacks like website hacking and other penetration testing, for that, I am talking about some free websites and virtual lab for hacking practice

1. Hack The Box

Hack The Box is a free website which provides free Lab environment to test your hacking and pentesting skills. The Most interesting part is you have to use your hacking skills to create an account on it. To join the Hack The Box you need an invite code which is not something like someone who is already the member of it can give you, you have to find it from the hacker point of you and test your skill from the start 

2. Hackademic: RTB1

Hackademic is not a lab it is an Operating system you have to install it on your computer as a Virtual MachineLike Vmvare and have to complete the task like you have to hack the machine and find a text file you don’t know the password of the machine you have to use your skills and find the text file or image whatever it is.

3. Badstore

Badstore is also a thing like Hackademic everything is the same except the task which you are going to perform, both the operating system Hackademic and Badstore are free and provided by vulnhub. There some other operating also available for hacking practice and the best thing about all the machines are free and don’t require high hardware configuration like 4 5 GB ram and storage you just need VMware installed on your computer.


Hack me is a website which let you test your skill on website hacking and let you find web vulnerability and some other challenges. You can perform SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, File path directory and other web hacking techniques for free you just have to create an account and start hacking.

5. Zixem

Zixem is another website for web hacking for RCE XSS and SQL injection. While performing any attack on Zixem you can adjust the level according to the difficulty higher the level more difficult to hack it 

you can also check the Web security for Web hacking techniques and free lab to perform it. If 
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