Top 5 Free Labs and website For Hacking Practice Part-2

In the previous blog on Top 5 Free Lab for Hacking practice, I show you some lab where you can perform hacking legally or even in your own local computer, Once again I found top 5 labs and website for Hacking practice. If you haven’t checked the previous top 5 lab blog you check it out.

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DVWA (Damm Vulnerable Web Application) is very popular among bug bounty who just started or want to practice web application vulnerability like SQL Injection, RCE, File Upload, XSS and other web application vulnerability. You can install it on any Linux machine weather its Kali Linux or Ubuntu you just need to configure it a little bit. you download it from their website and check their GitHub page for installation guide.


Metasploitable 2 is a machine which you can install it on any virtual platform like VM Ware or virtual box. The installation process is very simple you just have to install it like any other machine. Metasploitable 2 is a Linux based machine from rapid7 who owns the popular pentesting tool Metasploit. Metasploitable 2  comes with other vulnerable application like DVWA and TWiki etc.

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Hack This Site is a free website with soo many challenges which test your hacking knowledge. It starts from basic challenges to some more advance where you need to find the vulnerability in code and encryption techniques and others.


BWAPP (Buggy Web Application) is another application to perform web application hacking, it comes with soo much different vulnerabilities like Xss, different SQL, XXE, CSRF and other, You can check their page for installation guide.


Pentest Training is a free website which gives you a lab to perform your hacking task, its quite similar to Hack The box. you have to register your self and hacking.

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