SPARTA Network Penetration Testing Tool

SPARTA Network Penetration Testing Tool

SPARTA is a GUI application for Penetration Testing based on python. SPARTA is used for scanning and enumeration with fast result. Most importantly SPARTA gives us an option to perform Brue Force attack on an open port. 

To install the SPARTA in your Kali Linux you just have to open your terminal and have to clone it from the GitHub. before you install SPARTA in your Kali Linux make sure you are in /usr/share/ directory.

cd /usr/share/git clone 
Place the "sparta" file in /usr/bin/ 
and make it executable.

When you type Sparta in your terminal. the pentesting tool will start in GUI, and click on files and chose to add host to scope and the IP address you want to scan and click Add to scope. it will start scanning the network for open ports and service running on the ports and operating system

Type ‘sparta’ in any terminal to launch the application.

If you find any service which can be Brute Forced then right click on the port/service and click send Brute and click brute above and chose the option like a password or password list and user name or list of a user name and other settings according to you

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