Recover Deleted Web Pages | Website Hacking Part 3

In the previous Tutorial of Website Hacking, I told you how you can gather information about a website through whois lookup and how you can download the website content to your local system and analysis it in deep or for further use, Now while doing footprinting it’s important to know how the target website was year ago and check the changes in website since it started, It’s like a time travel you are going through time travel and look at how the target website theme and pages were and how many changes are done by the website admin, As a hacker it becomes an important point to know details about the website which is currently not available to outside user or  removed.

Wayback Machine is a free website which stores the data of almost all the website available on the internet with the date. It also allow you to see if a domain you are going to buy was used by anyone in past and how it was looking in terms of theme and it’s metadata. To know about a particular website go to the way back machine website and enter the website you want to check and click browser the history and it will show you how many time website has changed its data.

You can see the date wise changes in this website which is highlighted when you click on any highlighted date you can surf the website in past how it was looking at the time.

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