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Pentmenu Dos and Network Scanner Tool


Pentmenu is a network scanner and denial of service attack tool written in bash programming, it comes with lots of options like automated network scanning with nmap, nslookup, and some dos attack options.


  • bash
  • sudo
  • curl
  • netcat (must support ‘-k’ option, openbsd variant recommended)
  • hping3 (or nping can be used as a substitute for flood attacks)
  • OpenSSL
  • stunnel
  • nmap
  • whois (not essential but preferred)
  • nslookup (or ‘host’)
  • ike-scan

Make sure you have all the required tools installed in your Linux system to run pent menu without any issue if you are using Kali Linux, parrot or ubuntu you can install them with a normal apt-get install command in your terminal.

git clone

cd pentmenu

chmod +x pentmenu && ./pentmenu

It will start and you will see the options available in the tools let’s look at the recon option first. select the number 1 option for reconpentmenu recon

Once you select the 1 option you will see some options available for you to automate the nmap scan and you can also see your public IP address with option 1 again with the help of pentmenu and curl command, select any scanning method and enter the IP/subnet it will start scanning the target with the of Nmap and Hping3 depending on the option you are selecting.

Go back to the home and select the dos attack option (2) and you can see all the network layer dos attack you can perform with pentmenu. you need to enter the target IP and Target Port number, pentmenu also let you spoof the source IP address. if you don’t know all these dos attack types check out the previous blog on Dos attack and types.

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