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Mr. Robot is a very famous American series based on Cybersecurity and hacking, I a not promoting any series here but if you have watched it then you would probably know that they used some hacking tools to hack people which I am going to talk about called Fsociety which include all the tools used in Mr. Robot series and some important tool used for Penetration Testing purpose.
Fsociety can be used in Linux windows android etc but now I am not talking about any other platform except Linux. I am using Kali Linux To install Fsociety tool but you can choose any other operating system installation process is the same except for windows.  If you want for windows tutorial comment down below. you can see the all the supported Operating System from the Github page.

For Kali Linux open your terminal and clone it to your directory where you want with normal git clone command

git clone
cd fsociety

now you can change your location to the fsociety and execute the installation file but before you do that the permission of the installation file with

chmod +x

Now all the required packages will be installed automatically to your system. when the installation process is completed you can simply type the fsociety to run the tool

There are a bunch of things you can do with this tool like information gathering password attacks web hacking or many more in the next tutorial I will show you how to spoof the email and send it to the victim you can the option number 5 for social engineering attacks and email spoofing option but to do that you need a mail server. and other things are same as wireless attack and others you can play with it and if you find anything difficult you can comment down below or can message me on Instagram and Twitter.


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