Lockdoor Framework : A Penetration Testing framework with Cyber Security Resources

Lockdoor is a penetration Testing Framework which simplifies the pentesting work and saves your time during pentesting. It allows you to use soo many tools with an easy way and without doing much hard work. It has soo many tools like reverse engineering tools, social engineering tools, password attacks, information-gathering tools, web application security testing tools and lot more. you can run this tool on Linux and windows both for windows you need to install Cygwin to run it.

To install the lockdoor on your Linux machine you have first clone it on your local machine with :

git clone https://github.com/SofianeHamlaoui/Lockdoor-Framework

it’s a small tool soo it will be installed within a minutes depending on your internet speed once it’s installed you have installed some other required packages to run it. you can install all the required packages manually or with the predefined bash script, to install it fist change your current directory to lockdoor and type:

cd Lockdoor-Framework

chmod +x install.sh

bash install.sh
sudo lockdoor

Now it will try to install all the packages so that you can run it when the installation process is complete you can run it with lockdoor command directly.

You can see soo many options available which is required during the pentesting process. type any number you want to use for example 6 for password attack.

Once you choose password option will show you soo many options like download RockYou password file which is a very famous password file it comes preinstalled in Kali Linux, you can use Crunch tool for password list.
Type 2 for web application security tools.
When you choose web hacking you will see two options auto and manual tools you can try the like no2 BruteXss which is an automation tool for XSS vulnerability.

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  1. hello the last code is wrong
    correct code: #sudo ./lockdoor

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