How To Use Crunch Word List Without Saving it

When you are cracking wifi password you need a very large wordlist to crack the password. The more powerful your wordlist better your chances to crack. If you don’t know how to crack wifi password then see my previous blog.

Today i will show you how to use crunch wordlist without saving it with aircrack-ng

If you don’t know about crunch so i give to some overview about crunch. Crunch is basically a wordlist generator with every possible word you have to specify the minimum and maximum character of password and word to be used to create the wordlist like [email protected] and crunch will generate all the possible password. Now the only problem with crunch is it create very large wordlist in both number of password and size of that wordlist sometime it cross PetaByte in size so its huge very huge and you can’t store it anywhere. Normally people use 500GB to 2TB of storage so its not possible to store it anywhere.

So today i am going to show you a method called piping method before i tell you what is piping method just open your terminal and type crunch you should know basic about crunch before you learn about piping method. When you type crunch and hit enter you will see some basic about crunch on how to use it.Type crunch 3 5 now 3 mean password should be minimum 3 character
5 mean maximum number of password now type the character you want in your passwords like 123abc etc crunch 3 5 [email protected]$& now enter the path where you want ot save your wordlist like this crunch 3 5 [email protected]$& -o /root/Desktop/password.txt as soon as you hit enter crunch will start creating the wordlist and it will show you the size of that wordlist. so here comes the piping method remove the -o /root/Desktop/password.txt from your command and you will see that crunch will print all the password on the terminal like echo command and will not save it to your machine.

So this is how piping method work. when you use crunch command and use |( pipe or vertical bar) and use different tool with command like this

crunch 4 5 abc123 | aircrack-ng -b (bssid) wpa handshake -w –

now when you use aircrack-ng don’t specify the path of word list instead use – (hyphen sign) so basically what will happen when you hit enter crunch will print all the password on terminal and piping method will tell aircrack-ng to use this as an wordlist instead of looking for the wordlist from the directory now aircrack-ng will start reading from terminal and will use it as an wordlist.