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how to secure WiFi from hackers

 Wifi network is a target of any hacker it gives so much valuable and hidden information about the connected people. Hacker can monitor your traffic and can do so many attacks like Man in the Middle attackDNS Spoofing, It’s always important to protect your wifi network from a hacker or script kiddie because there are so many tools to hack wifi can that can be used by a script kiddies to hack the Wifi Network, but before you know how to protect wifi from hackers you should have a basic knowledge types of attack hacker normally use to hack your wifi network.
There are n numbers of tools and applications available to hack wifi with Android Linux or windows. Aircrack-ng is the most famous tool for Windows and Linux to hack wifi network. it basically Brute-Force the network with thousand and million number of passwords. 
Reaver is also a Wifi hacking tool if Wifi network is using WPS option then Reaver is one of the ways to hack the Wifi network. There are some other methods also available to hack the Wifi Network like Pixie attack and Pmkid etc. I am not going into deep how they work. so basically there are so many methods a hacker can use to hack your Wifi network.

How to Protect Wifi From Hackers

  • People Never check their wifi security protocol like what protocol they are using WPA, WPA2 or WEP. When you connect a Wifi network you would probably see an option like WPA2 network. It is a security protocol your wifi current in market WPA3 is released which is the most secure version for Wifi security. IF you are not using WPA2 then change it now, to do that just go to your router setting from your default gateway in most case default gateway is or enter the gateway in your browser it will ask you for the password default password would be the admin in most case you can see all the options in the setting and find out password option you will the security protocol option change it to the WPA2. WPA3 is not available right now. The wifi setting page and option could be different for you, you can check your router model and search on google about your router you will find it how to change your security protocol on your particular model.
  • Wifi Password also plays a big role in wifi security as I told you about methods to hack Wifi and Brute-Force is one of them. Hacker uses a common password list or creates a custom password list to hack the Wifi network. Most people use a common password or easy passwords like their name and DOB. You should never password like this otherwise you will be hacked with Brute-Force attack or Dictionary attack.
  • WPS is also a security flaw and allow a hacker to hack a Wifi Network. WPS allow connecting devices like printer etc without revealing your password with anyone but an attacker can perform a Brute-Force attack on WPS or can use Pixie dust attack to crack the WPS pin to hack the Wifi Network. You should not use the WPS option for your Wifi Network.

These are some options you can do to protect your Wifi from hackers, there is some other method also to Hack Wifi like Creating the Phishing page, Evil twin attack, etc, you can take the action against these attack by upgrading your router firmware, checking the malicious activity near you like someone is creating a phishing page with your WiFi name, in that case, make sure that you are trying to connect with your wifi, not the fake Evil Wifi.

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