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How to Install Kali Linux on Android Without root – Hacker

Kali Linux is the first choice of any hacker. Kali Linux can be installed on any pc Mac, Windows, and Android but there is some limitation for android. For official Kali Linux in Android, your mobile should it, you can check the list of all supported device. All the supported device are mostly old and not available. Still, you can install the Kali Linux in your android with some applications without root. To install Kali Linux on android you need to install some application from the play store
Once you have all the apps installed in your Android you can start Installing Kali Linux. 

Kali Linux Installation in CLI Mode

Open AnLinux app it will show the dashboard you will see a choose option click on that and check Kali from the list now click on copy and it will copy the command to install the Kali Linux then click on launch and it will open the termux and paste the command you copied and hit enter it will start installing Kali Linux on your android it will take 10 to 15 minutes according to your speed of internet. when the installation is finished type.

type the following command to open Kali Linux when Kali Linux open it will look [email protected] in your termux Now you can use all the Kali Linux commands, for some storage reason and other you will not get any tool preinstalled you have to install them manually like this

apt-get update
apt-get install nano
Now you can use Kali Linux but the only problem with this it’s on CLI, not GUI to install Kali Linux in GUI follow the instruction below

Kali Linux Installation in GUI Mode

Open AnLinux again on the left and side you will see three side lines click on in you will see Desktop Environment click on it and again choose the operating system (Kali) and choose the Desktop Environment you want, (select xfce4 low storage) ad copy the command again and launch the termux and paste the command and hit enter. it will start installing the GUI version it will take time around 10 to 15 minutes. 

once the installation is finished open the VNC viewer click on the + icon and enter the IP address and port number of your Kali Linux and 

give a name according to you, click create and choose to connect option and enter the password of your Kali Linux, that’s it you will get the GUI version of Kali Linux

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  1. Will vnc viewer take up space in our phone when we use gui and will space be consumed by termux if i use it? Can I delete termux after all the installation of kali?

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