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Hacking With Android

The smartphone market is continuously increasing day by day. People are adopting smartphone for every work on a day to day life. According to 2017 report market for Desktop/Laptop is decreasing and the mobile phone market is increasing rapidly. From Attacker point of view, Two Things are changed from the past couple of year.

  • Hacking Mobile Platform 
  • Hacking With mobile Platform

So today i am going to describe the second one which is hacking with mobile platform. As an attacker you can open your laptop every time because of the size compared to mobile which is bit smaller and can be used at anytime. So today i will tell you some of the best mobile application (apk) for android(rooted) for pentesting puspose.

NOTE : Some of these application are very powerful. Be careful before using them and Don’t use these on other network except the one you have permission. Without permission it’s illegal to perform such attacks.

  •  NetCut : NetCut is a wifi killing application which allow an attacker to identify the devices which are in the same network and block them to have internet access or full access of wifi. This application will only work on rooted phone. Click here to download the application  


  • zANTI : zANTI is an very powerful application which allow you to do various attack which include

Mac Spoofing
Fake And Malicious Wifi Hospot
Victim Hijacking
Router Vulnerability Exploits
Password Capturing
Man In The Middle Attack
Dos Attack
Https To Http Redirect
Html Malicious Code Inject To Webpages
Capture And Intercept  Downloads

As i told you this is a very powerful application. You can download this application From Here

  • Dos Attack : This is very powerful android application which can perform an Dos attack to the system or a network. This application include the Full control over the traffic, TCP UDP and HTTP packet sending and many more. You can download it from your play store 
These are some of the tools used by pentester and cyber security expert. As i mentioned using these attack without permission is illegal be careful before using it.

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