Google Hacking


What Is Google Hacking ?

First step of hacking is always footprinting. which refers to collecting information about an organization or a individual. There are so many way a hacker can find information about a organization and search engine is one of them to find information. Since google is most used search engine all around the world most of information are only available on google only.
Google Hacking refers to use advance technique on google to find some extra information or accurate information about the particular keyword or website. These advance Information is used by hacker to find vulnerability into the target person or organization. Google Hacking is technique to find a specific string, text from the search result.
Advance Google Hacking refers to the art of creating complex search search queries, These queries can retrieve valuable data or information about a target organization. Through Google Hacking Hackers tries to find vulnerable website to exploit them.
Hackers use Google Hacking Database or GHDB. A Database of queries to identify sensitive data. Google Hacking help in finding required text and information and ignoring irrelevant data

Syntax To Use Google Hacking Advance Search

  • SITE: This option restrict the search result to a specific site or domain
For example will give you information about the particular website only and other search result will be ignored
  • ALLINURL: This operator will restrict result to those specific query or terms in the url
allinurl:hacker is one of the example for allinurl
  • CACHE: This option will display a cache version of a site or doamain which is available on google cache is one of the exampe of cache
These are the some syntax for google hacking there are some more syntax available which can be used.

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