Free Training for Web Security – Web Security Academy

Web Security Academy is a free learning source for web security launched by portswigger which is part of burp suite. Portswigger launched it’s free web security course quite a time ago. This training will cover all the techniques and method of finding the vulnerability and exploiting them. 

Blog post: Introducing the Web Security Academy

— Burp Suite (@Burp_Suite) April 2, 2019

The course will cover the following concepts –

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • OS command injection
  • File path traversal (directory traversal) 

With video explanation and lab both will be provided for free so you can learn and can perform the practical too.

Portswigger said, “Over the coming months, we’ll be adding a series of further topics and a large number of new vulnerability labs.
So you will get more content and learning opportunities for free.

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