Creating Password List With Cupp Tool

Password cracking is one of the ways to get access to any system or accounts or network. There are several methods for password cracking which I have explained before in Brute Force and Dictionary Attack, like what is the main difference between them and how to perform brute force attack with the help of crunch tool. Today I will explain how to use cupp tool to create a dictionary or wordlist so later it can be used to crack the passwords.

What Is Cupp Tool?

Cupp is a python based free and open source tool used to create a target based word list depending on the person likes and dislike. Cuppy is easily available on GitHub. you can download the Cupp through GitHub as a zip file or can clone it to your machine with the help of terminal.

How To Use Cupp Tool?

Cupp is python3 based tool, to use it first you have to install python 3 in your Kali Linux system with the help of  

                                    ” apt-get install python3 ” 

in your terminal. Once it’s done you can clone the cupp from GitHub repository with  the following command in your terminal

                                  ” git clone ” 
Now once you clone it to your machine change your directory to the cupp folder 
                                ” cd cupp “
                                ” ls “
When you are in the cupp folder you can see all the files with ls command you can see that there is a file with the name of, you have to run that file in your terminal 
                                 ” python3 “
As soon as you execute the command all the command and help will be displayed into your terminal on how to use cupp tool.
-h = -h is for help if you use python3 -h It will show you the help to use this tool
-i = -i will create a word list based on the target information like target name DOB etc
-w = -w can improve your existing wordlist if you already have 
In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to create a target word list for that I am going to use -i option like this
                            ” python3 -i “
after you hit enter it will ask you to enter the first name, last name other personal details of the target if you don’t know any of the just hit enter. once all done. it will ask you for yes or now whether you want to enter some special keywords based on the target like his hobby fav actor or anything like that, then after if you want to add some special characters like @#$  then type yes or no.
Last option leet mode it all depends on you and your target whether you want leet mode or not. most of the people use hacker as h4cker this is the leet mode.
everything is done now cupp will start creating a word list and will be saved in cupp folder with the name of your target.
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